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You know, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at keeping up with new music.  I have a tendency to look backward for “new music” (read: music that I haven’t heard before or don’t know much about).  So every now and again I’ll try listening to a playlist of “hot tracks” or such lists of popular songs/artists.  And you know, I think I’d do it more if, within three songs, I always seem to run into something like THIS.  And I want to SMASH MY HEAD INTO A WALL. 

This is popular music? I’d rather repeatedly shove a screwdriver up my ears.

I can almost understand the popularity of wub-wubbing, but this?

It is according to this one playlist.  I…I don’t even know.  At first I thought it was a joke.  Then I went back and forth trying to figure out if Ashton Kutcher was crouched down somewhere giggling because he was punking me.  Then I just started feeling the rage. 

Christo… this is why you come to ME. I hook you up with the RIGHT shit…