Taylor's unreleased song about Harry [LEAKED]

I’m Alright”

Those green eyes and that contagious smile 
And those lips, and the way they verbalize 
Oh, New York City, what a beauty to our eyes
Then you held my hand the first time 
You looked at me and smile

Everything was perfect, everything was great
I was on a fairytale. It’s a dream while I’m awake 
But days passed and we weren’t there
And it felt like we didn’t care anymore, anymore

But why’d we say goodbye
We said we didn’t have enough time for both of us 
We said we’ll try to work things out 
But all ‘a sudden we’re all tired and said goodbye

It’s sad not to hear you; 
Calling me up, at 3am 
No one’s ever gonna sing to me
Stevie Wonder songs again

I’ll miss your kiss and you curly hair
But now that we said goodbye
I’ll pretend that I’m alright 
Yeah, I’m alright, I’m alright 
You said you didn’t wanna see me cry
Well, I’ll pretend that I’m alright
I’m alright..

I’ll miss you holding hotel keys 
And watch you sing to girls with happy tears
When you’re on stage, you point at me, you sing to me 
As I chant your name

And as the spotlights disappear 
It’s a different person that I’m with
So much simpler, so much better, and just so beautiful

The way we laugh with four more guys 
You walk around naked and cover my eyes 
You’re just so funny 
I can’t believe we’re letting this go

(Repeat refrain) 
Maybe it’s time to let go 
Maybe it’s better off alone 
Maybe today’s the wrong time
Someday, we’ll learn to be strong 
Maybe you’re right about this
We’re busy people with busy lives
We can’t keep up on this 
So goodbye

Call me up at 3am
Sing me Stevie Wonder songs again
Your kiss and your curly hair 
Never gonna say goodbye 
‘Cause we’re alright

we all knew this was coming

but damn gurl that was fast